In times when communities seek to honor the lives of individuals who have selflessly or heroically contributed to the greater good, the establishment of a civic memorial can serve as a poignant focal point for remembrance. Such memorials not only commemorate the significant lives and events that have shaped the community, but they also often evolve into landmarks that encapsulate the essence and history of the community. Dakota Granite is proud to have a longstanding tradition in crafting civic memorials that create spaces of reflection and reverence, helping to perpetuate the legacy of those commemorated.


Reverence in the treatment of cremains is a philosophy Dakota Granite® takes seriously. Our philosophy motivates our design, craftsmanship, and use of materials because of the unique needs and options created by this decision to memorialize. Our granite tributes should be beautiful, permanent, and maintenance-free while allowing for choices.


A granite bench provides a comfortable place to rest while visiting a loved one's final resting place. A memorial bench can also replace the traditional memorial headstone in the cemetery. Granite memorial benches have many applications: golf course, parks, schools and the back yard. Granite benches will remain maintenance free for decades.


Dakota Granite signs epitomize enduring strength, stability, and a sense of permanence. Crafted from one of the most resilient materials known, granite, these signs are remarkably maintenance-free. The inherent contrast between the polished and sanded surfaces of the stone ensures that each sign remains legible and enduring, symbolizing a commitment to lasting quality and craftsmanship.


Dakota Granite® has helped tell the story of many families throughout the years. State-of-the-art granite manufacturing and creating personal memorials of a life lived is what we do. Memorialization is an essential part of how we remember, grieve, and celebrate our loved ones' lives.