The Granite People

Since 1925

A Century of Strength, Tradition and Innovation

The Granite People

Since 1925

A Century of Strength, Tradition and Innovation

We Believe in Honoring Life's Precious Memories

As you entrust us with the honor of memorializing your loved one, we at Dakota Granite pledge to deliver not just a monument, but a piece of art that stands as a testament to a life well-lived. With Dakota Granite, you're not just choosing a memorial; you're choosing a piece of history, crafted with care, empathy, and the utmost respect.

Crafting Timeless Memorials Since 1925

In the heart of Grant County, South Dakota, where the legacy of stonecraft dates back nearly a century, Dakota Granite has been at the forefront of memorial artistry. Founded in 1925, our journey began with a deep respect for the natural beauty of granite and a commitment to excellence. Today, we stand as the preeminent quarrier and manufacturer of the world-renowned Dakota Mahogany™ granite, a symbol of both strength and beauty.

Every Memorial is a Personal Story, a Lasting Tribute, and We Are Privileged to Play a Part in Telling It

"Exceeding expectations since 1925," our mission goes beyond the crafting of memorials. We aim to create timeless tributes that capture the essence of a life lived, embodying memories that endure through generations. Our commitment to quality and artistry ensures that each memorial is not just a marker, but a legacy.

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Delivering Quality for a Century

For nearly a century, since 1925, we've held the baton of the tradition of assisting memorialists in storytelling and architects in crafting timeless works of art through our granite products. With our experienced staff, we are dedicated to transforming your projects into masterpieces. As a testament to our enduring legacy, we celebrate nearly 100 years in the business.

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A Premium Range of Granite Products

At Dakota Granite, we offer a wide range of granite products, including memorials, mausoleums and columbariums. Our selection is vast, allowing you to find the perfect piece for your specific needs. From stunning headstones to beautiful memorials, our granite products are designed with care and precision.

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Dakota Mahogany™ Select

Select is a blue and brown granite that is completely uniform in color and texture. The requirements of this grading are so strict that less than 5% of the Dakota Mahogany™ quarry production is graded as Select. Dakota Mahogany™'s most uniform grade.

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Dakota Mahogany™ Rushmore

Rushmore shares the same background color as Select but may show an occasional spot of black or orange, although not pronounced. Rushmore is the value leader from our company, 85% of our Dakota Mahogany™ is ordered in Rushmore.

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Dakota Mahogany™ Sunset

Sunset is a multi-colored granite from our Dakota Mahogany™ quarry. It varies from standard granite procedures in that it is selected for as wide a range of color and texture as possible. It is highly variegated with every piece unique.

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Superior Black

Superior Black is one of our most popular granites. It is a medium black granite with a medium grained texture that sandblasts and contrasts nicely. Superior Black is quarried in Minnesota and is priced competitively for memorials, columbariums, mausoleums, and architectural and commercial applications.

Dakota White

Dakota White is a beautiful yet durable white-colored stone. Its muted white tones and subtle color mottling make it perfect for memorials, mausoleums, columbariums, and civic projects. So, give your next project a touch of elegance and beauty with Dakota White.

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Our Commitment to You

For those who serve families in the memorial industry, Dakota Granite® is committed to
your success. This commitment extends to retail memorial companies that share the
same core values for their business. Our passion for manufacturing quality products
and continuous technological investments has positioned Dakota Granite® as the
American manufacturer retailers can rely on for quality products. This dedication and
promise to our customers will keep our industry progressing and our companies
successful. Dakota Granite® is a proud member of the memorial industry, and we have
been privileged to help retailers tell American family stories since 1925.