• Premium Construction
    The most uniform building grade selection suitable for any application with slight to moderate variances.
  • Construction Grade #2
    This beautiful selection will feature moderate variances of orange patterning and limited contrasting black movement for those projects desiring an interesting range of color and pattern
  • Construction Grade #3
    Our least uniform selection where the color combinations and patterns suggest no boundaries and a flair for the exquisite.
  • Monumental
    A uniform selection from our quarries with a limited supply available.


Examples of popular granite finishes.

Highly reflective morror finish. Granite color is vivid and distinct. Surface is smooth.
Slight to non-reflective finish. Granite color is subdued and softened. Surface is smooth.
Non-reflective finish. Granite color is muted and toned down. Surface is smooth.
Non-reflective finish. Granite color is muted and toned down. Surface is rough.
Non-reflective finish. Granite color is subdued and softened. Surface is rough.
Non-reflective finish. Granite color is distinctive. Surface is rugged and irregular.

Dakota Granite Centrally Located in the U.S.A.Dakota Granite™ is centrally located in the northern tier of the United States. Our headquarters are located on the eastern side, 6 miles east of Milbank, South Dakota. Dakota Granite has been quarrying Dakota Mahogany™ granite since 1925 for use in memorials and commercial projects around the globe. 

The original, the only, Dakota Mahogany™ blocks have been shipped to fabrication facilities all across North America and around the world.

Choose the real Dakota Mahogany™ for your next commercial fabrication project.

The methods of transportation of granite blocks from our quarries are:

1 - Flatbed Truck
45,000 lbs estimated capacity
single block truck loads - 200 f3 (5.6 m3) maximum
two or more block truck loads - 183 f3 maximum

2 - Container
43,500 lbs estimated capacity, 200 f3 (5.6 m3) maximum
Containers are stuffed at the quarry and transported via truck to the container yard in St. Paul, Minnesota. Blocks are then loaded on board a trans for shipment to the coast to be shipped via vessel.
Estimated transport time of 6-8 weeks.
Container Stuffing Fee Applicable

3 - Railcar
200,000 lbs estimated capacity, 850-875 f3 (24 m3) maximum
Gondolas are railed to the eastern ports, blocks are then placed into containers at the port and loaded onto the vessel. Shipment times vary depending on booking schedule.

Estimated weight of granite blocks can vary because of shape and agreed upon measurements.

To Estimate weight calculate:

  • When sawn to size: f3 = 190lbs or m3 = 6,710 lbs
  • Rough block size: f3= 220lbs or m3 = 7,769 lbs

Download Commercial Information

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