Wednesday, 15 May 2013 16:43

June Quarrier "Sneak Peak"

    Dakota Mahogany™ & Dinosaurs? A moment of geek :)

    As promised in the March 2013 Quarrier, we have found interesting items at our quarries. There have been various species of fossils found during the quarrying process of Dakota Mahogany™.

    Fossils of finger bones, wrist bones and stomach stones were found of the Plesiosaur, which lived during the Cretaceous period. Other fossils include shark teeth from the Genus Cretodus, crusher teeth from the Genus Ptychodus, shark vertebrae and fish.

    Quarry Manager, Wayne VanHout, has spent countless hours gathering, sorting and researching the fossils found during his thirty years of quarrying at Dakota Granite. In 2002, his daughter prepared a 4-H project of the fossils her dad found and prepared a display box cataloging his findings.

    Disclaimer: Dakota Granite™ does not guarantee the accuracy of the identification of the fossils found. Although we are the Dakota Mahogany™ experts, we do not claim to be experts in the identification of fossils. Photos are presented for entertainment purposes only.

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